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We consider items highlighted in DARK BOLD fonts to be MUST HAVE ITEMS!!



  D W W N O M O
  O 3 9 T S A T


S 1 X




2 C H
VIRUS CHECKERS:                  
McAfee VirusScan f f f f f   f f f
WebFerret: Searches all popular web page engines for you.     F F          
AOL Instant Messenger: Real-time chat/notification..   F F F      


Pegasus Mail: Support for multi-protocol file attachments   F F F          
WS_FTP: ftp client   f f f          
mIRC: IRC client   S S S          
PointCast: Receive world/local news.   F F F       F  
RealPlayer: Real-time audio/video players.   f f f       f f
Microsoft Internet Explorer: Web browser.   F F F       F  
Netscape Communicator: Web browser.   F F F     F F F
WinImage: 3.5" floppy disk archiver/copier.   S S S S S      
PrintKey: PrintScreen for 32-bit Windows.       F F        
cPager: Send messeges to alphanumeric pagers.       F F        
Beep: Send messege to numeric pagers.       S S        
TrayIcon: Instant access to programs.       S S        
TekScheduler 95/NT: Job scheduler.     S S          
DiskKeeper Lite: Disk defragmenter for Windows NT.       F F F      
Trouble In Paradise (TIP): Iomega Zip/Jazz Check.     F F          
Motherboard Monitor: Keep an eye on your motherboard status.     F F          
Acrobat Reader: .PDF file viewer. F F F F F F F F F
PolyView: Graphics file viewer/converter/printer.     S S          
WinAmp: MP3, Midi, .WAV, .AVI Player with Jukebox features.     F F          
Font-O-Matic!: View and print installed/uninstalled true-type fonts..     F F          
GIF Construction Set: GIF Graphics editor/animator..   S S S          
Programmer's File Editor: Text file editor   F F F   F      
PKZIP: File compression/decompression S S S S S S S    
Personal Finance                  
Stocks & Fractions: Track stocks with free Internet quotes.     F F          
Screen Savers                  
3-D FotoCube: Rotating cube with up to 8 of your favorite photos.     F F          
gPhotoShow: Displays your custom photos in your choice of folders and/or subfolders.     S S          
Wallpaper and Utilities                  
WWWPlus32: Wallpaper changer, works w/.JPG files.     S S          
3-D Virtual Reality Games                  
3D Realms & Apogee Software: Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior S                
id Software: Quake, Doom, Wolf3D, etc. S                
LucasArts: Star Wars, Jedi Knight, X-Wing, etc. D D D D          
Other Excellent Games                  
Bubble Puzzle 97: Shoot the bubbles arcade game.     F F          
Kydai: Solitaire game using Mahjongg pieces.     S S          


F=Freeware f=free to non-commercial, E=Evaluation, S=Shareware, D=Demo

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